Sword Coast Adventures

Assault on goblin tribe of Durbuluk

25th of highsun, 1372 DR

hobgoblin-chief.jpg While exploring north-west part of a dungeon adventurers noticed heavily protect entrance to goblin territory. Heroes tried to break through this but they had to back off and regroup because goblins barricaded this entrance heavily. They rested in one of the empty rooms on kobold territory. Kobolds weren’t exactly allies, but since adventurers returned wyrmling to them, they granted them right of passage.

They decided to take a route from kobold territory, the one they used before. Heroes attacked guard post, which was reinforced with fresh goblins, and cleared it out. They moved to corridors and started reconnaissance. Ruinir listened carefully for any noise from nearest door. It appeared that room behind this door was quite big with several dozen creatures (most likely goblins). He marked on the map and everyone decided to move on, to clear rest of territory first.They moved through goblin corridors and killed every goblin in every room they found. Poor bastards didn’t stand a chance against such surprise attack. Goblins get used to weak and unorganized kobolds and couldn’t possibly withstand strong and organized party of skilled adventurers.

After securing rear adventurers returned to the room in which, they deemed, main goblin force was assembled. They knew from kobolds that tribe was called Durbuluk, and their war chief was vicious hobgoblin by the name of Durnn. Ufa surveyed nearby corridors and found side entrance to the room. After short council adventurers decided to attack from this side before goblins got a chance to regroup. Vordin and Uduf broke down the door and they barged into the throne room.

They found themselves in a round room, it was a tower many ages ago, with circular shaft piercing its center. Dim violet light shines out of the shaft, revealing the sickly white and gray vines coating the shaft’s walls. The light from the shaft is supplemented by four lit wall torches set equidistant around the periphery of the chamber. A crudely fashioned throne of stone sits against the curve of the northwestern wall. A large iron chest serves as the throne’s footstool. Large hobgoblin in a crude iron crown, obviously war chief Durnn, jumped from his throne, drawn his sword and yelled out deafening battle cry. Instantly Vordin locked in a terrible combat with Durnn and Uduf got swarmed by countless goblins. Noburim Grimaxe blessed his companions while Ufa was protecting his back and every time his knife hit — goblin fell. Dodging goblin javelins Ruinir rained death on goblins, with every shot a goblin went to his forefathers. But goblins were many, while there were only five heroes. And it seemed that another wave of goblins would swallow them.

Suddenly Vordin struck the final blow, Durnn let out muted bellow and fell dead. Goblin moral fell instantly and they began to flee. But none avoid vengeful strikes of our heroes. Shortly they were finished and heroes stood calmly, resting; they barely escaped vicious death.


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