Sword Coast Adventures

Caravan Business

8th of Leafall, 1372 DR

bandits-from-fatal.jpg While being in Secomber our heroes were trying to figure out how to get to Triboar which was quite far away to the west. They couldn’t help themselves to overhead from barroom talk that there is caravan just outside the city, headed in that direction. Luckily for them, caravan lost some of their guards on the way through Anaroch and they were hiring additional guards now.

After a short council, the whole group moved to caravan encampment to offer their services as caravan guards. After a few hours, they met Caravan Master, a mysterious man whose face and name is known to no one.

Exceptional skills of Ruinir, Ufa’s knowledge of local dangers and grit of Vordin convinced Caravan Master that they are worthy guards and deserve the payment.

Fast forward four boring and uneventful weeks of travel. While traveling through the hills heroes started to notice that someone was following the caravan. Little by little they were closer and closer to the caravan. Eventually, the caravan was ambushed but our adventurers were ready. A tree fell making caravan stop and our heroes heard the horn signal to attack.

The attack came from three directions, flanks were overwhelmed by bandits and guards were fighting for their lives. Lesser force attacked the center which was guarded by adventurers. After the short bloody battle, the first attack was repelled. Another horn signal came from afar and part of bandit’s force left flangs to crush adventurers. One by one the were overwhelmed by the large force. But guards on the flangs were able to repel rest of the bandits and came to help when it seemed all hope was lost. They were able to repel enemy attack eventually with the guard’s help.

It was time to get rest and heal wounds.


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