Sword Coast Adventures

Evil Tree Standoff

1st of the Fading, 1372 DR


Heroes broke into the room and found out that it was some sort of study. The shelves were filled with all sort of notes and research data about underground flora and fauna. Heroes broke the camp after a short search and posted watchers. After short and wary sleep they decided to move deeper in the cavern. Not far from the entrance they encountered heavy undergrowth with wicked spikes. To avoid minor injuries Vordin took a point and started hacking throw strange bushes. Almost instantly they were attacked by strange twig-like creatures, though they were easy to overcome undergrowth and great enemy number made the battle annoying and exhausting.

Eventually, they came to the largest part of the cavern and saw huge and sinister tree in the middle. They were so impressed that didn’t notice three persons that stood beside it. Two of them were under some sort of spell (their skin was like a bark and they were in zombie-like trance). The other(the one who named himself Belak The Outcast) addressed the adventurers:

— Behold the might of Ghulthias Tree! With its help, I’ll destroy civilization and return the world to nature! As it was, as it will be forever! His voice guided me, that’s why I know that my victory is sure. Join me or perish!

Nobody wanted to become zombie-like tree creature, so the fight broke out. Vordin ran forward to a man with a sword in a splint mail and engaged him. Belak The Outcast waived his wand and roots grappled everyone but Vordin. The fighter, who was a paladin before transformation, hit Vordin’s greataxe and destroyed it instantly.

After half of a minute adventurers and druid’s forces were at a draw. Uduf escaped roots and killed some twigs. Ruinir shot the transformed sorcerer. Vordin and Noburim Grimaxe finally managed to kill former paladin. Both Uduf and Vordin were at limits of their endurance and Vordin had to pick up a spare long sword. But even without his companions druid was the formidable opponent.

Fortunately, it seemed that fate favored them. Being on brink of life and death Vordin and Uduf managed to kill evil druid thus finishing the tale of his rule over Sunless Citadel.

After short rest heroes decided to burn the evil tree. Though they didn’t find magic apples they discovered enough treasures and saved neighborhood lands from the grim fate. After the fired went out they saw a human skeleton amongst the ashes. They kept wondering what was its meaning on their way back to Oakhurst. Soon they will forget this little curious episode. Until the time when they will be forced to remember it…


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