Sword Coast Adventures

Journey Down Below

30th of Highsun, 1372 DR

Heroes made a short trip to Oakhurst for supplies. They decided to take only short rest because they wanted to use a confusion to their advantage (if there were any goblins down below of course). After short trek back they appeared near glowing chasm, thick with vines, which led deeper in the Citadel.

They easily climbed down the vines and found themselves chilly , damp cave with the floor covered with earth, mixed with remains of cave animals and plants. Air was filled with odors of death and decay. In eerie light of luminescent fungus two skeletons and two strange twig-like creatures rushed to attack our heroes. Noburim Grimaxe draw the power of Waukin again and destroyed undead in blinding flash, barbarians made a short work of twigs. Cautiously heroes approached the door in the eastern wall.

Unnoticed they entered a hallway with six doors. Unfortunately, they woke up the goblin while investigating one of them. He screamed, alarming other little beasties in the rooms. But adventures were experienced and easily defeated a small band of goblins. Once goblins were dead, heroes continued room investigation. It looked like a small base of operation for some kind of research and security at the same time. They found a rat that was infected with some kind of disease. It caused different plant-like tumors on the body. The whole room looked like a laboratory and rat was secured on the table. Vordin killed the rat and relieved it from sufferings. Other rooms included barrack, weapon storage, and repair facility and brewery. Everything suggested an unusual organisation for goblinkin.

After short rest Ruinir suggested making a quick scout of nearby rooms. They moved through few galleries quickly, killing bugbear gardeners in a process. Galleries resembled first cave they entered, filled with luminescent fungus and rotten earth. Eventually, they entered a peculiar room with dragon statue. Its eyes shined with ominous red light which painted the room in all shades of red. The statue’s wings created ominous shades on the opposite wall.

Vordin moved forward to investigate strange red tile in front of the statue. Suddenly from the shadow invisible hand struck him, he felt the cold touch and strange weakness spreading through his body. Human shaped shadow jumped from the dark area of the room, producing no sound. Ruinir took a shot but his arrow came right through the creature. Panic took him over and he fled to the next room shouting that creature was invincible. Other cautiously move to the next room too, and room was empty again — the shadow disappeared.

They found themselves in the old decrepit library. Unfortunately, nobody kept it in a proper state — most of books and scrolls were completely destroyed. No doubt it was the work of goblins. They moved forward through a long corridor which had a damp and earthy aroma. The further they moved the stronger ominous presence became they felt in the ruins before. In the end of the corridor, they found an entrance to the big cave and locked door to the room. The entrance was guarded by the band of goblins. Heroes dispatched them quickly, which became a routine work for them. Deeper in a cave they saw a huge ominous shadow in a shifty light of luminescent fungi. They decided to break into a room and barricade there to have some rest before, no doubt, final confrontation.


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