Sword Coast Adventures

Many deaths in Glitterheim

13th of Rotting, 1372 DR

Heroes decided to retreat in the forest to have a rest, heal wounds and hold a wake in the name of Uduf, the brave barbarian who died valiantly fighting orcs. After a night rest, heroes returned to the stone door. It wasn’t very hard to break through this time, though a few orcs still guarded it.

Rope bridge through the crevice in the hall beyond the stone door was completely destroyed. After a short discussion adventurers decided to investigate northern secret tunnels. They carefully moved through the secret gallery. There were few slits from wich they can see a rocky path leading to the door. Near one of the slits, there was a dead orc, killed by Ruinir’s arrow.

At last, they stumbled into the wall in the end of the hallway. There were no doubt that it is a secret door. After careful investigation Ruinir found hidden switch. Thanks to the sharp senses he detected a number of creatures on the other side of the door. Noburim Grimaxe and Vordin grabbed their weapons, ready to fight.

They opened the only to find 7 orcs ready to fight them. One of the was clearly their leader, shouting orders and pointing in the direction of the heroes. The fight broke out, heroes took a stand in the hall while orcs attacked the relentlessly. One by one orcs fell, but fatigue was taking its toll too. Suddenly one of the orcs ran away from the room. It was just the moment when adventurers started to win when hulking figure broke into the room. It was the huge ogre with too vicious and trained wolves by his side.

Seeing ogre orcs resumed their attack with new strength. Vordin desperately tried to fend them off. Noburim Grimaxe tried to help him but was slain by ogre axe. Ruinir and Vordin decided to retreat and regroup. Unfortunately Vordin wasn’t luck, he was torn apart by wolves.

Only Ruinir and Ufa (who stayed in the camp) survived. This was a black day for a company indeed!


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