Sword Coast Adventures

Rats, Tomb and Undead

24th of Highsun, 1372 DR


After a short council, heroes decided to explore north-east part of the dungeon. Maybe there is another way to the goblin territory … After a few corridors, they found themselves in a large room with a dry fountain on an east wall and a relief-carved door in a western wall. The carving depicted skeletal dragons. There was no lock on it and after several attempts, they found out that it was trapped with blade trap.

Heroes were puzzled and decided to move on but suddenly Ruinir saw an inscription in Draconic on the door. Fortunately, he was fluent in it. Inscription read as “Tana Aman Heka Men”, or “Channel good, open the way” in Common. Noburim raised his holy symbol and praised Waukin, channeling positive energy into the door. Silently the door opened uncovering a tomb with five dusty sarcophagi inside. Heroes entered the room looking around. Ufa saw small pedestal at the western wall with a lonely ghostly candle on it and a few items. He moved closely and picked up the strange whistle to examine. Suddenly sarcophagi burst open and five skeletons jumped from it attacking transgressors. Noburim raised his holy symbol again and banished the vile undead from existence with holy power of Waukin! Heroes continued to the north after they collected strange whistle and other valuables from this tomb.


A few rooms and corridors to the north they found what was a prison once. Several dire rats attacked them but heroes dispatched vermin with ease. Ruinir on the evidence of increased rat activity as well as the tracks of four humanoids who traveled further north but only three returned. Tracks were not older than six months. “We must be very careful”, whispered Ruinir and checked his longbow.

Carefully they entered next room. There were two pit traps in it but someone already disabled them. A quick investigation showed that tracks led to the door in the far western wall of the room. The stench of rotting meat came through the closed door. There was suspicious silence behind it. Heroes surrounded door and Uduf with Vordin broke it down and charged in only to be overwhelmed by several dire rats waiting for them in an ambush!

A few rats including big fat Mama Rat hung on Uduf dragging him down. He tried to throw them down but his big sword was of no use in such close quarters. While he struggled with them, Vordin blessed with the grace of Waukin (thanks to the prayers of Noburim Grimaxe) and Ruinir picked them one by one. After the battle was over and Noburim Grimaxe took care of Uduf’s wounds they searched rat’s nest. Among many treasures, heroes found mutilated, half-eaten human body. It was one that didn’t return. Adventurers collected rest of valuables and decided it is time to clear this ruin from goblin infestation …


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