Sword Coast Adventures

Saving Calcryx

21th of Highsun, 1372 DR


They moved to the north, past kobold territory to the goblin territory. Noburim requested Meepo as a guide. Yusdrayl granted request so the Meepo can atone his failure as a dragon guardian. They passed corridor, trapped by kobolds, and stopped before goblin outpost.

Vordin slammed the door and pushed Meepo forward. Adventurers rushed into the room like a storm, killing surprised goblins right and left. Shortly battle was won, but Meepo fell in a heat of battle.  Heroes advanced further cautiously, leaving the room full of dead bodies behind. They moved past large room behind the heavy wooden door; sounds behind suggested large goblin force. Silently they moved on. After half an hour of cautious exploration of dark corridors of the citadel, they found trophy room, where goblins put Calcryx. Uduf and Vordin easily subdued little wyrmling and to their delight they found little hoard too. Among precious metals and gems they found very  old dwarven map, which certainly can proof useful in future. With unconscious Calcryx in the bag, they departed to meet Yusdrayl


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