Sword Coast Adventures

The Stone Doors

12th of Rotting, 1372 DR

stone-tooth.jpgEventually, heroes arrived at the gates of Glitterhame. The legend about fortress of Durgeddin the Black is well known in this region, but till this day nobody was able to find it. Thanks to the map and Hirgur’s knowledge adventurers were able to locate the Stone Tooth, the lone mountain in Kryptgarden Forest, between Sword Mountains and the town of Triboar.

Locals in Triboar were concerned about recent orc raids. Adventurers decided to take this job: stop the orc raids. There is a big chance that orc raiders have the base in the ruins of Glitterhame.

The sun was just over the horizon when our heroes were observing lone rock, which was protruding from the ground like broken tooth. The single spire of smoke was rising from its somewhere. They easily made out a steep, narrow road or track that runs back and forth cross the face of the mountainside. They tread carefully this track. All the way around they could see trash and remains of food. Someone definitely inhabited the surroundings.

Finally, they made the turn and saw two orcs, standing and talking. Orcs were unaware of treasure hunters, who easily and silently dispatched them. The road turned around and they saw great stone doors in the mountain wall slightly open.

Suddenly sharp arrows flew in their direction, some of them eve found their targets. Everyone charged the door, trying to get inside. They were late however, somebody locked them from inside. While Ufa tried to ope the lock Uduf and Noburim provided cover for him and Ruinir tried to shoot enemies behind slits in the walls. Finally, Ufa opened the door and everyone barged inside.

They found themselves inside the large hall which was cut in two by the wide crevasse. The single rope bridge provided access to the other side. Suddenly, they saw beastly figures on the other side! More orcs! And they opened fire from their bows while side walls of the hall broke open and more orcs poured inside. Noburim Grimaxe and Ufa tried to fend off them, while Ruinir focused on shooting the orcs on the other side of crevasse. Uduf jumped onto the rope bridge and started climbing forward, shouting something maniacally. One by one, orcs fell, but adventurers were on the brink of exhaustion. Uduf suddenly fell down from the bridge and disappeared into the darkness. Eventually, wounded and tired they killed the last orc, and silence fell down on the hall once more.


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