Sword Coast Adventures

Tomb of Dragon Priest

22th of Highsun, 1372 DR


Heroes received the key (as well as some magical items from Yusdrayl‘s hoard) from the mysterious door they encountered before as the reward for saving Calcryx from goblins. Meepo fell in battle but kobolds didn’t care about him. After all, they were cruel and evil creatures.

After a short council, heroes decided to investigate what lay behind the door. They returned to the corridor and inserted key in the door’s keyhole. The door silently yields to them, showing large gallery filled with the dust of ages and bathed in soft blue light. It was hard to move through gallery last remaining magical sphere played a tune that drove away any intruders. But eventually, thanks to heroes’ wits and willpower they overcame magic, destroyed sphere and moved on.

In the next room, they heard the riddle from the statue. While others were surprised with such wonder, Uduf suddenly shouted out the answer. In response, the secret door was opened. The way was clear.

Heroes entered the hall with statues of tall elves in plate armor near its walls. There was a tomb with sarcophagus behind the pit with spikes at the end of this hallway. Heroes, carefully examining surroundings on their way, approached to the pit. Spitting into it, Uduf said: “I can jump over it easily!”. While others tried to decide what to do, he took running start and jumped to the other side!

Suddenly from nowhere quasite appeared and pushed Uduf into the pit! After a short fight and few Ruinir‘s precise shots quasite flew away laughing maniacally. Noburim recited prayers to Waukin to easy Uduf’s pain and the whole party cautiously traversed the pit and entered Dragon Priest Tomb.

The tomb was empty — sarcophagus was the only significant feature. Uduf and Vordin spend 20 minutes trying to pry it open. Finally, rusted latches were undone and adventurers opened sarcophagus. But it wasn’t empty! Strange deformed troll burst out of it and attacked heroes. Their combined effort was barely enough to kill the monster. Finally, the treasure was their to take.

They took several divine scrolls and a sizable amount of gold from the sarcophagus. On the way back Ruinir picked up Everburning Torch from the wall.

They decided to break a camp on kobold territory and talk about future plans.


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