A magical whistle

musical instrument

When the whistle is blown over a grave in darkness or at night,
one corpse below animates, as per animate dead cast at 5th level,
and claws its way out (if interred in soft earth or under loose
stones). The zombie serves the whistler faithfully until it is
destroyed. A bearer can use the whistle once per week; however,
the whistler can acquire no more than two zombie followers at
any one time using Azan-gund. Good-aligned characters risk an
alignment change if they use it regularly.


This whistle is carved from rare transparent iron (nephelium), and it resembles a small dragon
curled up like a snail. The name Azan-gund is etched on the whistle in Dwarven runes.

Heroes where disgusted when they learn of its powers. That was unthinkable for them to use it. Fortunately Joshua, apprentice of mage Amelior from Secomber bought for 2000 gp.


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