Sword Coast Adventures

Second expedition to Sunless Citadel
19th of Highsun, 1372 DR


After spending few days in Oakhurst they arrived to Sunless Citadel again. Heroes traveled deeper into forgotten corridors. In south part they found a stone door with bas-relief in form of rearing dragon. Walls around this door were in better shape than in the northern part. Unfortunately it was closed and even master-thief Ufa wasn't able to open it. They decided to return to it later.

 Ufa took the point and heroes backtracked their way to the entrance. From there they decided to explore western part. They already noticed that ruins were inhabited by goblins. The bodies of goblins they found were clearly a result of recent battle. As it turned out there was tribe of kobolds as well.

They carefully sneaked into the western corridor. Behind the door, in the end of it, they found large and irregularly shaped chamber. Walls were decorated with crudely inscribed symbols and glyphs, scribed in a bright green dye. Large bonfire provided light inside this room. Several dead kobolds were ceremonially burned in it. Near south wall large cage stood empty with gaping hole. 

 Ufa noticed small kobold in ceremonial clothes sleeping near cage. His name was Meepo and he was the Keeper of the Dragon, only there was no dragon anymore. After short council heroes decided to take creature alive and to question him. That was an easy task.

Meepo was ready to talk, but he didn't know a lot really. He suggested to lead them to the matriarch of his tribe – Yusdrayl. Peaceful meeting with a creature who can know a lot about the situation in a dungeon and its inhabitants was too good to pass. They traveled further to the west with Meepo to the Dragon Throne.  

The Dragon Throne was a short throne composed of bits of fallen masonry built upon the old altar. The portion of an altar with a bas-relief of rearing dragon served as throne's back. A metallic key
is held firmly in the rearing dragon’s open mouth. Yusdrayl sat on the throne and watched authoritatively over the kobold honor guard and heroes in front of her.

Ysdrayl proposed a deal: knowledge and treasure in the place of dragon that was stolen by goblins. Heroes noticed key and a few other useful items near the throne. They decided it was a good deal and they had to investigate goblin part of ruins anyway. After the deal was sealed they moved to the north carefully, to the goblin territory.

A few quiet days in Oakhurst
18th of Highsun, 1372 DR

Adventurers retreated to Oakhurst because Sunless Citadel was obviously too dangerous to break a camp inside it. Furthermore Uduf and Ufa contracted Filth Fever, probably those damn rats were disease carriers. Lucky for them Noburim Grimaxe was skilled at treating various diseases. During one of these quiet days, they met Vordin, another dwarf, who sought magical apples and fortune that was hidden inside Sunless Citadel. They decided to join forces cause it's always good to have strong helping hand, especially if this hand holds greataxe. After wounds were healed and diseases treated our brave heroes marched to continue the exploration of these mysterious and dangerous ruins.

First expedition to Sunless Citadel
15th of Highsun, 1372 DR

After a day and a half trek in the hills heroes arrived to ravine. As it turned out citadel was buried under the ground and the ravine was  the entrance. Several ancient stone pillars stood near the ravine. They were covered in dwarven writings but the language itself was goblin. Those were warnings for the intruders!

Brave heroes entered the citadel. They found themselves underground in a place that was a courtyard ages before. The courtyard was filled with rocks and rubble and half-destroyed tower rose before them. Tower was the only possible way into the ruins. Ufa was sent to scout ahead, but few deviously placed traps were too well hidden for our master thief. Adventurers explored several rooms but found nothing except for few skeletons and a couple dire rats. All in all traps and sharp teeth of dire rats were too much for them for now; they decided to return to Oakhurst to rest and to buy some supplies.

Mystery of magic apple: how it all began
10th of Highsun, 1372 DR

Year 1372 DR. First tendays of Highsun. Rumors about magical apple, that was sold by goblin every midsummer in a nearby town of Oakhurst, were circulating for several months now in Secomber. A group of would-be adventurers gathered in The Seven-Stringed Harp, they were all drawn there with desire for fortune and fame. Their names were Noburim, Ruinir, Uduf, and Ufa. 

Spent night over the conversation they decided to work to together to uncover what was behind these rumors. Next morning they departed for the town of  Oakhurst. Unfortunately they were late for auction and apple as well as goblin was gone. 

They learnt following rumors and information:

  • Someone tried to plant seeds from the apple before, but only weak saplings grew from it. Later these saplings were disappeared.
  • Strange wounds were discovered on the cattle from time to time: small punctured wounds; some of the cattle were killed
  • Northern trade route is closed due to often goblin raids
  • There is ancient ruin nearby (about day or two of walking), to the east from town
  • Several years ago strange man sought this ruin; he called himself Belak and had very large pet tree frog
  • About month or two ago party of adventurers from Secomber sought this ruin too; nobody returned

After spending a night in Ol’ Boar Inn heroes departed to investigate ruins of Sunless Citadel


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