Sword Coast Adventures

Many deaths in Glitterheim
13th of Rotting, 1372 DR

Heroes decided to retreat in the forest to have a rest, heal wounds and hold a wake in the name of Uduf, the brave barbarian who died valiantly fighting orcs. After a night rest, heroes returned to the stone door. It wasn’t very hard to break through this time, though a few orcs still guarded it.

Rope bridge through the crevice in the hall beyond the stone door was completely destroyed. After a short discussion adventurers decided to investigate northern secret tunnels. They carefully moved through the secret gallery. There were few slits from wich they can see a rocky path leading to the door. Near one of the slits, there was a dead orc, killed by Ruinir’s arrow.

At last, they stumbled into the wall in the end of the hallway. There were no doubt that it is a secret door. After careful investigation Ruinir found hidden switch. Thanks to the sharp senses he detected a number of creatures on the other side of the door. Noburim Grimaxe and Vordin grabbed their weapons, ready to fight.

They opened the only to find 7 orcs ready to fight them. One of the was clearly their leader, shouting orders and pointing in the direction of the heroes. The fight broke out, heroes took a stand in the hall while orcs attacked the relentlessly. One by one orcs fell, but fatigue was taking its toll too. Suddenly one of the orcs ran away from the room. It was just the moment when adventurers started to win when hulking figure broke into the room. It was the huge ogre with too vicious and trained wolves by his side.

Seeing ogre orcs resumed their attack with new strength. Vordin desperately tried to fend them off. Noburim Grimaxe tried to help him but was slain by ogre axe. Ruinir and Vordin decided to retreat and regroup. Unfortunately Vordin wasn’t luck, he was torn apart by wolves.

Only Ruinir and Ufa (who stayed in the camp) survived. This was a black day for a company indeed!

The Stone Doors
12th of Rotting, 1372 DR

stone-tooth.jpgEventually, heroes arrived at the gates of Glitterhame. The legend about fortress of Durgeddin the Black is well known in this region, but till this day nobody was able to find it. Thanks to the map and Hirgur’s knowledge adventurers were able to locate the Stone Tooth, the lone mountain in Kryptgarden Forest, between Sword Mountains and the town of Triboar.

Locals in Triboar were concerned about recent orc raids. Adventurers decided to take this job: stop the orc raids. There is a big chance that orc raiders have the base in the ruins of Glitterhame.

The sun was just over the horizon when our heroes were observing lone rock, which was protruding from the ground like broken tooth. The single spire of smoke was rising from its somewhere. They easily made out a steep, narrow road or track that runs back and forth cross the face of the mountainside. They tread carefully this track. All the way around they could see trash and remains of food. Someone definitely inhabited the surroundings.

Finally, they made the turn and saw two orcs, standing and talking. Orcs were unaware of treasure hunters, who easily and silently dispatched them. The road turned around and they saw great stone doors in the mountain wall slightly open.

Suddenly sharp arrows flew in their direction, some of them eve found their targets. Everyone charged the door, trying to get inside. They were late however, somebody locked them from inside. While Ufa tried to ope the lock Uduf and Noburim provided cover for him and Ruinir tried to shoot enemies behind slits in the walls. Finally, Ufa opened the door and everyone barged inside.

They found themselves inside the large hall which was cut in two by the wide crevasse. The single rope bridge provided access to the other side. Suddenly, they saw beastly figures on the other side! More orcs! And they opened fire from their bows while side walls of the hall broke open and more orcs poured inside. Noburim Grimaxe and Ufa tried to fend off them, while Ruinir focused on shooting the orcs on the other side of crevasse. Uduf jumped onto the rope bridge and started climbing forward, shouting something maniacally. One by one, orcs fell, but adventurers were on the brink of exhaustion. Uduf suddenly fell down from the bridge and disappeared into the darkness. Eventually, wounded and tired they killed the last orc, and silence fell down on the hall once more.

Caravan Business
8th of Leafall, 1372 DR

bandits-from-fatal.jpg While being in Secomber our heroes were trying to figure out how to get to Triboar which was quite far away to the west. They couldn’t help themselves to overhead from barroom talk that there is caravan just outside the city, headed in that direction. Luckily for them, caravan lost some of their guards on the way through Anaroch and they were hiring additional guards now.

After a short council, the whole group moved to caravan encampment to offer their services as caravan guards. After a few hours, they met Caravan Master, a mysterious man whose face and name is known to no one.

Exceptional skills of Ruinir, Ufa’s knowledge of local dangers and grit of Vordin convinced Caravan Master that they are worthy guards and deserve the payment.

Fast forward four boring and uneventful weeks of travel. While traveling through the hills heroes started to notice that someone was following the caravan. Little by little they were closer and closer to the caravan. Eventually, the caravan was ambushed but our adventurers were ready. A tree fell making caravan stop and our heroes heard the horn signal to attack.

The attack came from three directions, flanks were overwhelmed by bandits and guards were fighting for their lives. Lesser force attacked the center which was guarded by adventurers. After the short bloody battle, the first attack was repelled. Another horn signal came from afar and part of bandit’s force left flangs to crush adventurers. One by one the were overwhelmed by the large force. But guards on the flangs were able to repel rest of the bandits and came to help when it seemed all hope was lost. They were able to repel enemy attack eventually with the guard’s help.

It was time to get rest and heal wounds.

Return to Secomber, Unexpected Encouter
6th of Fading, 1372 DR

Heroes traveled back to Oakhurst and spent a night in Ol’ Boar Inn. They checked local rumors which were almost none. It seemed that strange attack on the cattle ceased. After hearty dinner in the tavern, they decided to go back to Secomber. It was autumn and there were no cart or trading caravan available. Adventurers had to walk to Secomber.

It took two days to get back to Secomber. In the middle of the second day, they met a mysterious stranger on the road. At first, they thought he was just another traveler. But when he closed in they got paralyzed with a spell, he cast with ease. Without saying a word he walked through them, and adventurers felt how their memories were checked and read. After a few moments, he said, while walking away:

— You’ve made a mistake, and I have to fix it. We will meet again soon!

When he disappeared they were free again. Later in Secomber they learned that stranger was none but Khelben Arunsun. Spending a few days in Secomber they sold their treasures from Sunless Citadel. Vordin returned rings of dead adventurers to their family, and in return, they learned that previous party was hired by some dwarf to retrieve something from the citadel. Noburim Grimaxe suggested asking around about him in the dwarven community. After a few hours, they found him, Hirgur Durgedding.

They learned that he was last from the clan of Durgedding the Black, exceptional dwarven smith, which clan disappeared a few centuries ago. He was searching for Durgedding’s keep, which was called Glitterheim (or Khundrukar in dwarven). Glitterheim was secret citadel where Durgeddin and his clan found final refuge from their enemies. He got a lot of clues which pointed to its location and the map was final clue. Our adventurers agreed to explore the named ruins. Their path led to the town of Triboar, near the northern part of Kryptgarden Forest and Sword Mountains. Now they need to decided how they are going to get to Triboar

Evil Tree Standoff
1st of the Fading, 1372 DR


Heroes broke into the room and found out that it was some sort of study. The shelves were filled with all sort of notes and research data about underground flora and fauna. Heroes broke the camp after a short search and posted watchers. After short and wary sleep they decided to move deeper in the cavern. Not far from the entrance they encountered heavy undergrowth with wicked spikes. To avoid minor injuries Vordin took a point and started hacking throw strange bushes. Almost instantly they were attacked by strange twig-like creatures, though they were easy to overcome undergrowth and great enemy number made the battle annoying and exhausting.

Eventually, they came to the largest part of the cavern and saw huge and sinister tree in the middle. They were so impressed that didn’t notice three persons that stood beside it. Two of them were under some sort of spell (their skin was like a bark and they were in zombie-like trance). The other(the one who named himself Belak The Outcast) addressed the adventurers:

— Behold the might of Ghulthias Tree! With its help, I’ll destroy civilization and return the world to nature! As it was, as it will be forever! His voice guided me, that’s why I know that my victory is sure. Join me or perish!

Nobody wanted to become zombie-like tree creature, so the fight broke out. Vordin ran forward to a man with a sword in a splint mail and engaged him. Belak The Outcast waived his wand and roots grappled everyone but Vordin. The fighter, who was a paladin before transformation, hit Vordin’s greataxe and destroyed it instantly.

After half of a minute adventurers and druid’s forces were at a draw. Uduf escaped roots and killed some twigs. Ruinir shot the transformed sorcerer. Vordin and Noburim Grimaxe finally managed to kill former paladin. Both Uduf and Vordin were at limits of their endurance and Vordin had to pick up a spare long sword. But even without his companions druid was the formidable opponent.

Fortunately, it seemed that fate favored them. Being on brink of life and death Vordin and Uduf managed to kill evil druid thus finishing the tale of his rule over Sunless Citadel.

After short rest heroes decided to burn the evil tree. Though they didn’t find magic apples they discovered enough treasures and saved neighborhood lands from the grim fate. After the fired went out they saw a human skeleton amongst the ashes. They kept wondering what was its meaning on their way back to Oakhurst. Soon they will forget this little curious episode. Until the time when they will be forced to remember it…

Journey Down Below
30th of Highsun, 1372 DR

Heroes made a short trip to Oakhurst for supplies. They decided to take only short rest because they wanted to use a confusion to their advantage (if there were any goblins down below of course). After short trek back they appeared near glowing chasm, thick with vines, which led deeper in the Citadel.

They easily climbed down the vines and found themselves chilly , damp cave with the floor covered with earth, mixed with remains of cave animals and plants. Air was filled with odors of death and decay. In eerie light of luminescent fungus two skeletons and two strange twig-like creatures rushed to attack our heroes. Noburim Grimaxe draw the power of Waukin again and destroyed undead in blinding flash, barbarians made a short work of twigs. Cautiously heroes approached the door in the eastern wall.

Unnoticed they entered a hallway with six doors. Unfortunately, they woke up the goblin while investigating one of them. He screamed, alarming other little beasties in the rooms. But adventures were experienced and easily defeated a small band of goblins. Once goblins were dead, heroes continued room investigation. It looked like a small base of operation for some kind of research and security at the same time. They found a rat that was infected with some kind of disease. It caused different plant-like tumors on the body. The whole room looked like a laboratory and rat was secured on the table. Vordin killed the rat and relieved it from sufferings. Other rooms included barrack, weapon storage, and repair facility and brewery. Everything suggested an unusual organisation for goblinkin.

After short rest Ruinir suggested making a quick scout of nearby rooms. They moved through few galleries quickly, killing bugbear gardeners in a process. Galleries resembled first cave they entered, filled with luminescent fungus and rotten earth. Eventually, they entered a peculiar room with dragon statue. Its eyes shined with ominous red light which painted the room in all shades of red. The statue’s wings created ominous shades on the opposite wall.

Vordin moved forward to investigate strange red tile in front of the statue. Suddenly from the shadow invisible hand struck him, he felt the cold touch and strange weakness spreading through his body. Human shaped shadow jumped from the dark area of the room, producing no sound. Ruinir took a shot but his arrow came right through the creature. Panic took him over and he fled to the next room shouting that creature was invincible. Other cautiously move to the next room too, and room was empty again — the shadow disappeared.

They found themselves in the old decrepit library. Unfortunately, nobody kept it in a proper state — most of books and scrolls were completely destroyed. No doubt it was the work of goblins. They moved forward through a long corridor which had a damp and earthy aroma. The further they moved the stronger ominous presence became they felt in the ruins before. In the end of the corridor, they found an entrance to the big cave and locked door to the room. The entrance was guarded by the band of goblins. Heroes dispatched them quickly, which became a routine work for them. Deeper in a cave they saw a huge ominous shadow in a shifty light of luminescent fungi. They decided to break into a room and barricade there to have some rest before, no doubt, final confrontation.

Assault on goblin tribe of Durbuluk
25th of highsun, 1372 DR

hobgoblin-chief.jpg While exploring north-west part of a dungeon adventurers noticed heavily protect entrance to goblin territory. Heroes tried to break through this but they had to back off and regroup because goblins barricaded this entrance heavily. They rested in one of the empty rooms on kobold territory. Kobolds weren’t exactly allies, but since adventurers returned wyrmling to them, they granted them right of passage.

They decided to take a route from kobold territory, the one they used before. Heroes attacked guard post, which was reinforced with fresh goblins, and cleared it out. They moved to corridors and started reconnaissance. Ruinir listened carefully for any noise from nearest door. It appeared that room behind this door was quite big with several dozen creatures (most likely goblins). He marked on the map and everyone decided to move on, to clear rest of territory first.They moved through goblin corridors and killed every goblin in every room they found. Poor bastards didn’t stand a chance against such surprise attack. Goblins get used to weak and unorganized kobolds and couldn’t possibly withstand strong and organized party of skilled adventurers.

After securing rear adventurers returned to the room in which, they deemed, main goblin force was assembled. They knew from kobolds that tribe was called Durbuluk, and their war chief was vicious hobgoblin by the name of Durnn. Ufa surveyed nearby corridors and found side entrance to the room. After short council adventurers decided to attack from this side before goblins got a chance to regroup. Vordin and Uduf broke down the door and they barged into the throne room.

They found themselves in a round room, it was a tower many ages ago, with circular shaft piercing its center. Dim violet light shines out of the shaft, revealing the sickly white and gray vines coating the shaft’s walls. The light from the shaft is supplemented by four lit wall torches set equidistant around the periphery of the chamber. A crudely fashioned throne of stone sits against the curve of the northwestern wall. A large iron chest serves as the throne’s footstool. Large hobgoblin in a crude iron crown, obviously war chief Durnn, jumped from his throne, drawn his sword and yelled out deafening battle cry. Instantly Vordin locked in a terrible combat with Durnn and Uduf got swarmed by countless goblins. Noburim Grimaxe blessed his companions while Ufa was protecting his back and every time his knife hit — goblin fell. Dodging goblin javelins Ruinir rained death on goblins, with every shot a goblin went to his forefathers. But goblins were many, while there were only five heroes. And it seemed that another wave of goblins would swallow them.

Suddenly Vordin struck the final blow, Durnn let out muted bellow and fell dead. Goblin moral fell instantly and they began to flee. But none avoid vengeful strikes of our heroes. Shortly they were finished and heroes stood calmly, resting; they barely escaped vicious death.

Rats, Tomb and Undead
24th of Highsun, 1372 DR


After a short council, heroes decided to explore north-east part of the dungeon. Maybe there is another way to the goblin territory … After a few corridors, they found themselves in a large room with a dry fountain on an east wall and a relief-carved door in a western wall. The carving depicted skeletal dragons. There was no lock on it and after several attempts, they found out that it was trapped with blade trap.

Heroes were puzzled and decided to move on but suddenly Ruinir saw an inscription in Draconic on the door. Fortunately, he was fluent in it. Inscription read as “Tana Aman Heka Men”, or “Channel good, open the way” in Common. Noburim raised his holy symbol and praised Waukin, channeling positive energy into the door. Silently the door opened uncovering a tomb with five dusty sarcophagi inside. Heroes entered the room looking around. Ufa saw small pedestal at the western wall with a lonely ghostly candle on it and a few items. He moved closely and picked up the strange whistle to examine. Suddenly sarcophagi burst open and five skeletons jumped from it attacking transgressors. Noburim raised his holy symbol again and banished the vile undead from existence with holy power of Waukin! Heroes continued to the north after they collected strange whistle and other valuables from this tomb.


A few rooms and corridors to the north they found what was a prison once. Several dire rats attacked them but heroes dispatched vermin with ease. Ruinir on the evidence of increased rat activity as well as the tracks of four humanoids who traveled further north but only three returned. Tracks were not older than six months. “We must be very careful”, whispered Ruinir and checked his longbow.

Carefully they entered next room. There were two pit traps in it but someone already disabled them. A quick investigation showed that tracks led to the door in the far western wall of the room. The stench of rotting meat came through the closed door. There was suspicious silence behind it. Heroes surrounded door and Uduf with Vordin broke it down and charged in only to be overwhelmed by several dire rats waiting for them in an ambush!

A few rats including big fat Mama Rat hung on Uduf dragging him down. He tried to throw them down but his big sword was of no use in such close quarters. While he struggled with them, Vordin blessed with the grace of Waukin (thanks to the prayers of Noburim Grimaxe) and Ruinir picked them one by one. After the battle was over and Noburim Grimaxe took care of Uduf’s wounds they searched rat’s nest. Among many treasures, heroes found mutilated, half-eaten human body. It was one that didn’t return. Adventurers collected rest of valuables and decided it is time to clear this ruin from goblin infestation …

Tomb of Dragon Priest
22th of Highsun, 1372 DR


Heroes received the key (as well as some magical items from Yusdrayl‘s hoard) from the mysterious door they encountered before as the reward for saving Calcryx from goblins. Meepo fell in battle but kobolds didn’t care about him. After all, they were cruel and evil creatures.

After a short council, heroes decided to investigate what lay behind the door. They returned to the corridor and inserted key in the door’s keyhole. The door silently yields to them, showing large gallery filled with the dust of ages and bathed in soft blue light. It was hard to move through gallery last remaining magical sphere played a tune that drove away any intruders. But eventually, thanks to heroes’ wits and willpower they overcame magic, destroyed sphere and moved on.

In the next room, they heard the riddle from the statue. While others were surprised with such wonder, Uduf suddenly shouted out the answer. In response, the secret door was opened. The way was clear.

Heroes entered the hall with statues of tall elves in plate armor near its walls. There was a tomb with sarcophagus behind the pit with spikes at the end of this hallway. Heroes, carefully examining surroundings on their way, approached to the pit. Spitting into it, Uduf said: “I can jump over it easily!”. While others tried to decide what to do, he took running start and jumped to the other side!

Suddenly from nowhere quasite appeared and pushed Uduf into the pit! After a short fight and few Ruinir‘s precise shots quasite flew away laughing maniacally. Noburim recited prayers to Waukin to easy Uduf’s pain and the whole party cautiously traversed the pit and entered Dragon Priest Tomb.

The tomb was empty — sarcophagus was the only significant feature. Uduf and Vordin spend 20 minutes trying to pry it open. Finally, rusted latches were undone and adventurers opened sarcophagus. But it wasn’t empty! Strange deformed troll burst out of it and attacked heroes. Their combined effort was barely enough to kill the monster. Finally, the treasure was their to take.

They took several divine scrolls and a sizable amount of gold from the sarcophagus. On the way back Ruinir picked up Everburning Torch from the wall.

They decided to break a camp on kobold territory and talk about future plans.

Saving Calcryx
21th of Highsun, 1372 DR


They moved to the north, past kobold territory to the goblin territory. Noburim requested Meepo as a guide. Yusdrayl granted request so the Meepo can atone his failure as a dragon guardian. They passed corridor, trapped by kobolds, and stopped before goblin outpost.

Vordin slammed the door and pushed Meepo forward. Adventurers rushed into the room like a storm, killing surprised goblins right and left. Shortly battle was won, but Meepo fell in a heat of battle.  Heroes advanced further cautiously, leaving the room full of dead bodies behind. They moved past large room behind the heavy wooden door; sounds behind suggested large goblin force. Silently they moved on. After half an hour of cautious exploration of dark corridors of the citadel, they found trophy room, where goblins put Calcryx. Uduf and Vordin easily subdued little wyrmling and to their delight they found little hoard too. Among precious metals and gems they found very  old dwarven map, which certainly can proof useful in future. With unconscious Calcryx in the bag, they departed to meet Yusdrayl


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