Oakhurst is small town roughly day and half on feet to the north-west from Secomber. It is center of small farming lands, serves mostly to sell farming products further to Secomber and to be source of farming supplies.

Town mayor is Vurnor Leng, decent man, who tries to govern town and nearby lands as best as he can. Because northern trade route became dangerous (bandits, goblins and other perils) town now is in decline. Most of population is human with small number of other races. [[Ol' Boar Inn]]

Important persons and places of interest:

  • Dem "Corkie" Nackle female cleric of Lathander (belongs to local temple of Lathander)
  • Kerowyn, human female, merchant, owns general store "Four Moon Dry Goods"
  • Felosial, half-elf female constable
  • Rurik Lutgehr, male dwarf blacksmith, owns "Cart & Broom Smithy"
  • Garon, male human barkeep and owner of Ol’ Boar Inn


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