Secomber is a peaceful, rather boring town of fisherfolk, farmers, stonecutters, and hired guides and guards for the frequent caravan traffic. The holdings of the farmers fan out northwest of the village and the fisherfolk make a meager living spearing and drag-netting fish and freshwater crabs from small skiffs on the two rivers. The stonecutters manage a decent living quarrying slabs of pink granite from the cliffs that mark the northern edge of the High Moor.

Roughly half of all Secomberites are human. Almost as many are halflings, whose low, garden-adorned homes make the hills of the village seem more a terraced estate than a settlement. The remainder of the citizenry are a few dwarves of the Ironeater clan and a scattering of gnomes and moon elves. Secomber has a garrison of 30 soldiers provided by the Lords' Alliance. They dwell in a small palisaded fort atop one of the hills and train a hundred or so locals in swordwork and rudimentary tactics. Many of these swingswords hire out as caravan guards.

The garrison is led by the Lord of Secomber, Traskar Selam, a ranger of some fame. The garrison patrols the farmland and vicinity diligently, capably dealing with the few orc and bugbear raids that get this far west. If it has to defend the village, pitched battles in the tree-girt, unfortified hills are likely, but the defenders will be aided by an iron golem and two stone, beast-headed, winged golems provided by the mage Amelior Amanitas—and by the mage himself, if he's at home. The winged golems look rather like giant gargoyles, but can't fly. Lord Traskar has made sure that adventurers are welcome in Secomber, and many adventuring bands use the village as a supply base for treasure hunting forays. Secomber is also known for its gardens and eccentric architecture.

Notable places in town:


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