Sunless Citadel

According to the legends, Sunless Citadel was a place of elvish dragon cult long ago. All records about cult name vanished from history only cult’s association with red dragon Imvaernarho remained.

Unknown cataclysm sunk citadel under the earth, though it mainly remained intact thanks for the ancient enchantments. Since cult was dead goblins, kobolds, and other creatures infested these ruins. Goblin tribe started to patrol Old Road and rob anyone brave enough to travel it. As result, Old Road fell of use forty years ago and goblins didn’t pay any attention to it since then. They were at status quo with kobold tribe until adventurer’s arrived.

Adventurers arrived at Sunless Citadel at the end of summer, 1372 DR. They were led here by the rumors about magic apples.While exploring citadel they destroyed goblin tribe and made the peaceful pact with kobolds. Kobold tribe rules these ruins today, they weren’t aggressive towards nearby Oakhurst for time being.

At the lowest level, adventurers found evil druid Belak The Outcast with the mad plan to destroy the nearby town and expand nature domain dramatically. The strange tree was the core of his plan as well as two human thralls who were transformed into hideous creatures. Heroes killed Belak and destroyed the tree. They found skeleton under it, its origin remains a mystery till now.

Sunless Citadel

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