The Singing Sprite

This inn faces the The Seven-Stringed Harp across a rather muddy meeting of lanes. The Sprite is a slate-shingled, many-gabled, solid-looking stone building that is cold and damp in winter, and warmer and damp in summer. Its pleasant staff sets the tone for your visit, and it offers meeting rooms for hire (that Secomberites use constantly) and a superior feasting board. The innkeeper on duty is Heverseer Windfeather or one of his three brothers they take shifts.

Notable dishes:

  • Three Crabs – 15 GP
  • A Trio Trumpets – 11 GP
  • A Hungry Knight – 12 GP
  • Fowl Stew – 10 GP


  • Mead, milk, and wine – 2 GP for a tallglass
  • Ale – 6 cp for a tankard
  • Regular platter and stew bowl – 7 GP
  • Rooms are – 10 GP – 17 GP

The Singing Sprite

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