Sword Coast Adventures

First expedition to Sunless Citadel

15th of Highsun, 1372 DR

After a day and a half trek in the hills heroes arrived to ravine. As it turned out citadel was buried under the ground and the ravine was  the entrance. Several ancient stone pillars stood near the ravine. They were covered in dwarven writings but the language itself was goblin. Those were warnings for the intruders!

Brave heroes entered the citadel. They found themselves underground in a place that was a courtyard ages before. The courtyard was filled with rocks and rubble and half-destroyed tower rose before them. Tower was the only possible way into the ruins. Ufa was sent to scout ahead, but few deviously placed traps were too well hidden for our master thief. Adventurers explored several rooms but found nothing except for few skeletons and a couple dire rats. All in all traps and sharp teeth of dire rats were too much for them for now; they decided to return to Oakhurst to rest and to buy some supplies.


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