Sword Coast Adventures

Mystery of magic apple: how it all began

10th of Highsun, 1372 DR

Year 1372 DR. First tendays of Highsun. Rumors about magical apple, that was sold by goblin every midsummer in a nearby town of Oakhurst, were circulating for several months now in Secomber. A group of would-be adventurers gathered in The Seven-Stringed Harp, they were all drawn there with desire for fortune and fame. Their names were Noburim, Ruinir, Uduf, and Ufa. 

Spent night over the conversation they decided to work to together to uncover what was behind these rumors. Next morning they departed for the town of  Oakhurst. Unfortunately they were late for auction and apple as well as goblin was gone. 

They learnt following rumors and information:

  • Someone tried to plant seeds from the apple before, but only weak saplings grew from it. Later these saplings were disappeared.
  • Strange wounds were discovered on the cattle from time to time: small punctured wounds; some of the cattle were killed
  • Northern trade route is closed due to often goblin raids
  • There is ancient ruin nearby (about day or two of walking), to the east from town
  • Several years ago strange man sought this ruin; he called himself Belak and had very large pet tree frog
  • About month or two ago party of adventurers from Secomber sought this ruin too; nobody returned

After spending a night in Ol’ Boar Inn heroes departed to investigate ruins of Sunless Citadel


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