Sword Coast Adventures

Return to Secomber, Unexpected Encouter

6th of Fading, 1372 DR

Heroes traveled back to Oakhurst and spent a night in Ol’ Boar Inn. They checked local rumors which were almost none. It seemed that strange attack on the cattle ceased. After hearty dinner in the tavern, they decided to go back to Secomber. It was autumn and there were no cart or trading caravan available. Adventurers had to walk to Secomber.

It took two days to get back to Secomber. In the middle of the second day, they met a mysterious stranger on the road. At first, they thought he was just another traveler. But when he closed in they got paralyzed with a spell, he cast with ease. Without saying a word he walked through them, and adventurers felt how their memories were checked and read. After a few moments, he said, while walking away:

— You’ve made a mistake, and I have to fix it. We will meet again soon!

When he disappeared they were free again. Later in Secomber they learned that stranger was none but Khelben Arunsun. Spending a few days in Secomber they sold their treasures from Sunless Citadel. Vordin returned rings of dead adventurers to their family, and in return, they learned that previous party was hired by some dwarf to retrieve something from the citadel. Noburim Grimaxe suggested asking around about him in the dwarven community. After a few hours, they found him, Hirgur Durgedding.

They learned that he was last from the clan of Durgedding the Black, exceptional dwarven smith, which clan disappeared a few centuries ago. He was searching for Durgedding’s keep, which was called Glitterheim (or Khundrukar in dwarven). Glitterheim was secret citadel where Durgeddin and his clan found final refuge from their enemies. He got a lot of clues which pointed to its location and the map was final clue. Our adventurers agreed to explore the named ruins. Their path led to the town of Triboar, near the northern part of Kryptgarden Forest and Sword Mountains. Now they need to decided how they are going to get to Triboar


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