Belak The Outcast

Evil druid who despises civilization


Belak is a man of average height.
He wears plain brown cassock and usually has sickle in his hand or on his belt.
He hates everything that is connected to civilization and seeks to expand natures domain by destroying settlements and other signs of civilization.


Belak was exiled from druidic circle. Nobody knows why it happened, when and where now. One can assume that he learned somehow about Gultias tree and Sunless Citadel. Few years ago he arrived in the Oakhurst and found his way into Sunless Citadel. He bargained with goblin chief and took grove level for himself. In return he gave magical apples to goblins which they sold from time to time to people in Oakhurst. He experimented widely with different plants, animals, trying to fuse plants and animals together, he tried to grow regular plants in subterranean environment with limited success.

There is little known about his plans and goals except for what heroes learned during brief conversation with him before the battle in which he was killed and defeated. According to his words he was going to spread Gultias tree saplings everywhere in Oakhurst region creating hoard of plant monsters to drive people from the land. Fortunately he was killed before he could fully implement his plan. He also mentioned that he heard voice of some higher power but the nature of this power remains unknown for now.

Belak The Outcast

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